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Our Best Product is our Service.
We will install a system for you.
We will service most major brands.
We can move or remove your existing equipment.

 R&S Water Service has designed a water softener using only the top of the line valves and tanks by Clack Corporation.  We also have upgraded our resin to a 10% crosslink to give you the most trouble free softening for years to come.

The Clack Water Treatment Specialist valve.    Aldex 10% Crosslink resin. 

What does crosslinking mean?
The higher the crosslinking, the more exchange sites there are on a resin bead. Resins must be processed properly to make the exchange sites functional. More exchange sites equal more capacity.

A resin with stronger bead integrity will be more resistant to chlorine in municipal applications. Some resins have exchange sites throughout the bead and others have sites on just the outer shell. Resin with just an outer sulfonated shell may not have the same bead integrity — even with a 10 percent crosslink, the resin life is sacrificed. Resins sulfonated to the inner core will expand and contract evenly, preventing fracture of the bead.

In reality any 10 percent crosslink resin will perform better than a 7 percent or an 8 percent with functional exchange sites. The most commonly used resin is an 8 percent crosslink. This will hold up well in most applications and keeps the cost down.

R&S Water has invested in the best of ***  SALT-FREE WATER CONDITIONER TECHNOLOGY***


Advantages include:



Featuring Template Assisted Crystallization:


 Water filters and systems:
We can provide service and filter replacement on most major brands. 
 Reverse Osmosis Systems:  We carry 4 and 5 stage reverse osmosis systems for the home or office. 
Do you require larger quantities of reverse osmosis water?  Let our expert design a system for your needs.  We have designed units from 100gpd to 10,000 gpd. 
We also design systems for special needs.
Residential and Commercial Water Conditioners and Softeners:
Our water conditioners include Water Softeners, Iron Filters, Carbon Filters, and Sediment Filtration systems.  Every system is designed to operate at peak performance.  A water test should always be performed before you purchase any Water Conditioner. Our experts can explain the benefits of each type.